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Tony Humphreys
Tony brings a high level of professionalism and a wide range of personal ocean experience to OKB-Racing with his vast and varied experience in sailing, marine based event management and small craft ocean expeditions. Having organised ocean rowing races as well as providing assistance to many independent ocean rows. Building on this experience and knowledge and exploiting recent advances in boat and kite design technology/production, Tony is committed to making OKB-Racing an exciting event that will have great appeal to participants and sponsors alike.
okb team rob

Rob Eustace
Rob Eustace brings an adventurous spirit with hands on experience of ocean
rowing and extreme sports:
Atlantic Crossing Canaries to Caribbean – pair
Mid Pacific Crossing SanFransico to Hawaii – single
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Marc Kniese
Marc Kniese has a background in business running his own companies in the UK and China. With a love of Ocean pursuits he is the go to man for all PR, marketing and sponsorship questions and is looking forward to build the Race Series into a world renowned event.